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Bottom line, if you are not analyzing, planning and managing your business finances, you are losing money that you could have been keeping.

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Being a business owner isn't the same as being an employee!

You will also learn how to run, grow, and build a solid foundation for your business so that you can keep more of the money you make while your business thrives.

As a business owner, you need to understand and manage the finances to run a successful, profitable business that pays you well, pays the bills and allows you to put away money for taxes and higher ticket items.

That's why business mentor coach, Mia Saenz and finance mentor, Bonnie Gayle have teamed up to create business and finance mentoring.  You will not only learn how to set up your business, but also how to generate and close clients, refine your product or courses, effectively communicate with clients and vendors, branding tips, the entire UX (user experience) for your website and/or storefront.

Don't end up broke or in a tone of credit card debt or going through all your savings and have nothing to show for it...

We make sure you get the guidance you need to not only sustain but to thrive, be profitable, and get paid well. You don't have to work your butt off for free.  

Get the business and finance advice you need so you don't have to struggle all year long or freak out when it comes time to file your taxes knowing you habe no money left and a big tax bill due.

Starting and running a business doesn't have to be hard.  The chanllenge is that most business owners don't get the guidance they need on the aspects of business they are unsure or don't know about.  You may know what you're selling but the things you struggle with most is finding your audience to sell it to.

We want to make sure you set things up right from the start including what your clients see and know about you as well as the infromation that is private to your business.

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Unfortunately, 99% of the time business coaches do not teach or even know that part of business.

80-90% of businesses fail in the first 18 months and according to Forbes, three of the five reasons are direct results of poor or mismanagement of finances.

Most entrepreneurs and business owners assume that when they hire a business coach, part of what they will be guided on is "how to manage the back-end or the finances in their business."